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The vision, mission and philosophy


A nursery-kindergarten is an institution for the transmission of goodness, beauty and ethnic values. Effectively working, ensuring a safe, healthy environment, conducive to the development of the individual artistic and creative powers of each child.


Kindergarten develops an active, self-confident child with an effort of the community, meets the needs of children and parents as much as possible, and creates prerequisites for further successful education at school.


A child is a maturing personality with its own individual needs, desiring various activities to get to know the environment and develop itself. Child education is based on respect and love.

The goal of education: taking into account the most advanced natural abilities of each child, his individual experience, guided by the regularities of development, to help the child develop the basics of independence, healthy lifestyle, positive communication with adults and children, creativity, knowledge of the environment and his country, ability to learn.


Aim that the child:

develop individual physical, social, cognitive, language and communication, creative powers, know and express themselves;

communicate and cooperate positively with adults and children, learn to solve everyday problems, take into account one's own and others' intentions, the consequences of actions;

would actively participate and creatively express themselves in life of the family, educational institution and local community;

get to know and adopt the culture of the nation, the customs of their land, folklore, people's work, folk songs, circles, games;

would learn to know and act: would play, ask questions, research, choose methods and means of activity, reason about what they have learned, foresee the steps of further activity.

When educating children, nursery-kindergarten pedagogues are guided by the Nursery-kindergarten preschool education program and the General preschool education program.

The main activity of the nursery-kindergarten is artistic. The institution has an art studio called "Colours". In this studio, educators help children express themselves through various means of artistic expression. In the studio, displays of children's work are prepared according to the seasons, fairy tales are staged.

The community of nursery-kindergarten has established a  room in the institution, where children are introduced to ancient household items, and Advent evenings are held there. Calendar holidays are associated with national, religious traditions and customs.

Various events are held in the nursery-kindergarten: the eve of traditional holidays (Easter, Christmas), children's birthdays are celebrated, and various projects are carried out. Kindergarten students participate in various regional and national events and competitions. The institution participates in the international children's social skills development program "Zipi friends“, republican program "Pienas vaikams", etc.


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Education programs

Kindergarten grade education program
Preschool grade education program

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